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Our expertise

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01. Our products and market sectors


Present on the civil and military aeronautical markets since the 1980s, UCELIA supports its customers in the most well-known aeronautical programs such as A320, Boeing 737, A400M, the Rafale fighter or the Civil Security Helicopters. 

The factory is made up of 5 moulding bays allowing parts to be cast using gravity or low pressure process. This diversity allows the production of parts from small to large series, UCELIA specializes in complex parts with pipes, of small and large dimensions.

Aircraft engine parts

Accessory Gear Box, lubrication pump housing

Helicopter engine parts

Air inlet casing, intermediate casing, reduction casing, accessory gear box, transmission box

Aerostruture parts

Door hinge, door structure, air inlet, oil tank


Defense and Space

The Ussel factory with its 21,000m² has numerous moulding bays, including a very large one which allows UCELIA to maintain its position as a booster supplier for space programs. So for decades, we have been a player in European space programs such as ARIANE 5 or Vega, and we are still a player in the new ESA programs: ARIANE6 and Vega C.

Our large semi-automatic moulding bay allows the production of structural parts for defense markets. UCELIA offers solutions to defense players thanks to its mastery of armor alloys developed at USSEL.

Diverging Nozzle Casing

Missile body

Suspension box

Mounting bracket

Product features

Alloy Composition European Standard Specification Equivalent ASTM Standard TS (Mpa) YS (Mpa) E% * Max Operating Temp. (°C/°F) Applications
Aluminium - Silicon
AlSi7Mg0,6 T6 EN AC-42200 F357 340 280 5 160/320 High stressed structures
AlSi7Cu1Mg T6 EN AC-45600 380 310 5 180/356 Fatigue resistance & hot conditions
AlSi7Cu3Mg T6 430 350 4 180/356
Aluminium - Copper
AlCu5MgTi T4 EN AC-21000 204 325 200 8 20/68 Shock resistance
AlCu5NiCoZr (RR350) 203 250 190 1 215/419 Hot conditions
W51 T6 A201 430 300 13 20/68 Armored

*E% indicated is for a Maximum of 12 mm (0,5 in) of Wall Thickness

02. Quality Health Environment Certificates

ISO 9001 Certificate

Requirements for the quality management system

ISO 14001 Certificate

Requirements for an environmental management system that can be used by an organization to improve its environmental performance.

EN 9100 Certificate

Specific requirements for the aeronautics, space and defense sector, relating to the management of the quality management system. This certification allows you to be referenced in the international OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) database, attesting to the reliability and quality of services.

ISO 45001 certificate

Requirements for an occupational health and safety (OHS) management system, to enable organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces, through the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses and through proactive improvement of their OH&S performance.


NADCAP certificates for special processes

UCELIA is NADCAP accredited in the special processes of non-destructive testing penetrant inspection and radiography (AC7114), heat treatment (AC7102) and welding (AC7110).


NADCAP, an acronym for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, is an independent organization carrying out special processes audits accepted and recognized by major aeronautical contractors.

NADCAP certificate Heat treatment

NADCAP certificate Non-destructive testing

NADCAP Certificate Welding

Exam center

UCELIA is an examination center approved by FrANDTB and an approved examination center by COFREND (CCPM-F) for non-destructive testing in the field of development.


The center has an approval allowing the qualification of NDT operators in levels 1,2 and 3 (inspection option) carried out according to EN 4179 in the following methods:


Penetrant Testing (PT) all techniques


Radiography (RT) all techniques

The center also allows dual certification qualification (according to EN 4179 and ISO 9712).


For any request for information you can contact us.

03. Our technologies and our know-how


Polyscan control

Control by optical scanning makes it possible to control several million measurement points in 10 minutes. The data thus obtained also makes it possible to assist in the definition of machining starting points (primary datum system) by computerized balancing. UCELIA is the first European company to have a 3D scan capable of measuring in a spherical volume of 1.6m in diameter in a single projection. 

Digital radiography

Automated digital radiography enables the rapid capture of high-resolution x-ray images of castings, eliminating traditional silver x-ray film processes.


Digital Solidification Simulation

Casting and solidification simulation software helps anticipate and identify casting quality before investing considerable time and resources in metal casting testing. This means a shortened overall time to develop a new program and a more robust metallurgical process for mass production.

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